Hi everyone, I hope you’re all fine by God’s grace and that you’ve had an awesome week. Today’s post is special, because it’s just a reminder of how much God loves you .
Perhaps you’ve wondered whether God loved you despite your flaws , failures , short-comings and imperfections . Maybe you’ve had a hard time believing that God loved you even when your spiritual life wasn’t at its best, when you failed to read your Bible consistently, when you lied about something, when you didn’t defend the widow and the orphan. In such moments when I fall short and I act in a way which isn’t “appropriate” for a ” good Christian” , I tend to believe that God loves me less and that I need to work harder to earn back His love . Has this ever happened to you too ? 
However​ there’s a truth which has set me free and which should set you free too.
Nothing that you shall do or not do will ever change God’s love for you.
His love for you is constant and eternal ,the same yesterday ,today and forever. There’s nothing that you’ll do which will make that move increase and there’s nothing you’ll do that will make that love decrease . 

He isn’t leaving you , even if you commit the “worse sin ever ” . Don’t believe the lie of the enemy who says that “it’s over for you” or “God’s never want you anymore after what you did or said or thought ” . That’s not what God says . Where your sin abounded , His grace abounded ever more . No matter what you are or what you aren’t , no matter your frustrations , He will never leave you nor forsake you. Do you know why? That’s because He loves you . He created you out of love and He keeps fellowship with you our of love .

It’s high time that every single child of God out there realizes that God’s not waiting for you with a stick or cane in order to strike you and punish you for every single mistake you make . That’s not Him , God is love . Rather , He is waiting open arms for you, not only when you have been led astray for you to come back to Him , but also when you are already walking with Him but He wants you to draw nearer. 
No mistake , no sin , no past , no heartbreak, no pain, no sickness , nothing shall separate you from God’s love for you .

There are so many other things to say about God’s love for you , but today we’ll end here . Please stop feeling guilty , stop feeling ashamed ,stop feeling incompetent , because He already washed it all with His blood on The Cross. You are free , you are loved , you may not be perfect but when God looks at you , He sees the perfect work Jesus Christ did on The Cross to redeem you . He loves you .

Father Lord Almighty King of Glory ,help me realize today once and for all and to never forget that You really really love me forever no matter what will ever happen . Help me realize that You do not condemn me , but You change me into a better version of myself , in the image of Christ Jesus . Thank You Father , in Jesus Christ’s Name. Amen 

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God bless you all.


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