Hi everyone, I hope you are all fine by God’S grace.
Congratulations to you all, by God’S grace we have made it through lent.
For lots of us it was a period of trials, great sacrifice, a journey to ourselves and first and foremost a journey to God.
For lent 2016, my aim was to do a blog post everyday (except Sundays) on Christian virtues. It wasn’t easy, some times I was on time, some times I was late, God provided although the way.
Thanks a lot for following me, liking and reading my blog posts.
As from now God willing I will post every Wednesdays : the aim of my blog is to draw Christians closer to God, to encourage you guys in your walk with God, and of course to bring people to Christ Jesus.
Happy Easter to you all. Please check out the most recent post
God bless you all.