Psalm 116:12-13
Hello blessed one of God, I hope you’re fine in The Lord.
As we’re aiming at drawing closer and closer to God little by little, we’ll look deeper into the song “The Victory” by All Sons and Daughters.

Lately, I was in a really really complicated situation, a financial/customs issue. I really needed money but the amount which was required of me was huge and I was to collect it in a short period of time if I didn’t want to have some penalties and if I wanted to get my package from the customs.
I was “almost” desperate, and I almost lost hope. Till I was given another option (administrative procedures) which would work for me only upon Divine intervention.
This pushed me to take it all to The Lord with all my fears and worries and to put my mustard seed of faith in Him. I prayed about it, my younger brother Jacques prayed about it, my best friend Arsène prayed about it, my egroup (Bible study group at Elevation Church) prayed about it, my friends prayed about it, and everything went on even better than what I thought.
Today, I went to the customs to take my bill; by God’s grace, I had a discount and I was able to get my package earlier than expected (last week). God answered in such a spectacular way, and I am so grateful. Praise God. All the glory goes to Him.
Psalm 115:1 NIV

Not to us, Lord , not to us but to your name be the glory, because of your love and faithfulness.

As I was leaving the shipping agency, the only phrase I had in mind was “Yours is The Victory” from the song “The Victory” by All Sons and Daughters.
Indeed the victory totally belonged to God. He made a way for me, He made it all possible.
For some people, this story will look completely abstract, while others may relate easily to it.
Anyhow, the big idea behind is the fact that we all happened to go through situations which looked impossible to solve.

  • A broken marriage which seemed to turn to a divorce
  • An exam which looked impossible to succeed at
  • A sin which seemed impossible to overcome
  • A debt which looked impossible to pay
  • A broken heart which seemed impossible to mend etc.

However, nothing is impossible with God, and if we make a little effort to recall, we’ll see that so many times we had a problem and God fought for us when we cried out to Him.
Luke 1:37 KJV

For with God nothing shall be impossible.

The normal response of the Christian heart to all that God did for us is to give Him thanks and to adore Him.
Psalms 116:12‭-‬13 NLT

What can I offer The Lord for all He has done for me? I will lift up the cup of salvation and praise the Lord ’s name for saving me.

He is The One who fights our battles for us, and who makes the impossible possible.
The fact that Christ died on The Cross to save you and me, is God’s victory over sin and death. God has always been and will always be fighting for us. Let’s all take time to adore Him.
1 Corinthians 15:57 NLT

But thank God! He gives us victory over sin and death through our Lord Jesus Christ.

God has always been and will always be fighting for us. Let’s all take time to adore Him.


  1. Thank God today for winning you over through Christ’s death on The Cross and His resurrection
  2. Try to recall the last time that you had a big problem (by your own fault or because of someone else ) and think of how God delivered you when you asked for His Help. Remember that feeling, thank Him
  3. Is there anything you’re going through right now? Exams, disease, hurt, anxiety, depression, addiction etc….take it to God and as an expression of faith, thank Him because on this too He’ll have total victory


Father Lord God Almighty, King of Glory, help me live a life of gratefulness and adoration towards You. Preserve me from pride, help me not take the glory for things in my life but give it all to You. I adore You Lord, and I praise You, for Yours is the victory, in Jesus Christ’s Name. Amen.

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Victoria Eyog


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