Hi everyone, I hope you are all fine by God’S grace.
Today’s post is about honour.
There are two definitions of honour from the Oxford Advanced Learner’s dictionary which I would like us to use here:
-great respect and admiration for somebody
-the quality of knowing and doing what is morally right
Now let’s look at what The Bible says about honour :

1 Peter 2:17 KJV
Honour all men . Love the brotherhood. Fear God. Honour the king.

Honour here comes at three different levels.
1. Honour to God
God is our Father, He created us, He loves us, we ought to respect Him, obey His commandments with His grace, trust Him and let Him lead us with His Holy Spirit although life.
2. Honour to men
We are all human beings, we shouldn’t do to others what we wouldn’t like them to do to us. We should respect ourselves and also respect our neighbour. We should act fairly towards them by acting in line with God’S Word and in love.
3. Honour to God-appointed authorities
Parents, teachers, ministers, priests, pastors, King, president, the authorities God put before us, we ought to honour them. This is done by respecting the rules, obeying in The Lord, and treating them fairly.
I wish you the best in your walk with God
Eternal Lord, lead me that I may become better at honouring, day after day, in Jesus Christ’S Name I pray. Amen
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