John 3:30 NLT  He must increase and I must decrease
Hello blessed child of God, I hope you’re fine by God’s grace.
This period is probably so exciting for you, because lent is starting today. Christians all around the world are preparing for Easter through a wonderful journey of 40 days aimed at drawing closer to God.
In my earlier years of going through the Lenten journey, this period was always one of guilt and shame for me because I thought that lent was aimed at making you feel as guilty as possible for all the sins you’ve ever commited in your life so that God may see that you’re really really really sorry and that He can forgive you.
This reminds me the sentence of a pastor I admire alot, I’ll try to state it the way I remember it:
Some of you have learned that God cannot be happy unless you feel miserable” – Pastor Steven Furtick
With time, growing in my walk with God, I’ve come to understand that lent should be about drawing closer to God for Him to change something (s) in us.
We have forgiveness freely in Christ Jesus but the fact that we’re forgiven doesn’t mean that we’re “perfect”. There are so many things about our hearts, mind, character, speech etc. that God wants to change in us.
During the Lenten season, we’re encouraged to fast and give up on somethings.
That’s why this lent, my desire is to do something that will draw me closer to God.
We all have one or two ( in my case it would be a long list of…) things which we want to change about ourselves. Things which we’ve tried and tried to get rid of but which are still very present in our lives. Things we’ve probably accepted as “normal” while knowing that it’s God’s plan for us.
Romans 12:2 NLT

.. let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.

In your case it may be an addiction to drugs, or drama, or it may be a bad habit, like lies telling, or theft. May be may have a really bad case of gossiping, or may be you are fighting anorexia etc.
What if for lent this year, you worked on asking God to help you get rid of this one thing? And of course this may require fasting.

  • Fasting on gossipping
  • Fasting on negative thoughts (this is me)
  • Fasting on laziness
  • Fasting on being judgemental
  • Fasting on selfishness
  • Fasting on lies telling
  • Fasting on late-coming (this is me again)
  • Fasting on resentment
  • Fasting on comparison

Choose one or two specific things on which you’ll fast, and decide that this thing is gonna die during this Lenten season once and for all in The Name of Jesus.
Or you can fast on one thing in every of these four aspects:

  1. Spiritual (ex. fasting on spiritual laziness)
  2. Emotional (ex. fasting on negative emotions )
  3. Psychological/mental (ex. fasting on deviant thoughts)
  4. Physical (ex. Fasting on food and putting money aside for the poor, as a good friend of mine reminded me today )

Develop godly habits, as you fast on ungodly habits.
To encourage you in this journey, as every year, God being my Helper, I’ll post every single day till Easter.
This year our theme is “Music”. Every post will accompany you in your journey of transformation through a Christian song everyday, and The Word of God attached to the song, so that you can have a sample (repertoire) to go through various seasons of life.
I’m extremely excited, I hope you’ll love it.


Father Lord God Almighty, thank You so much for this season which is an opportunity for change and for growth in The Lord. Open my heart and my eyes Lord, what do you want me to fast/give up on? and transform me in Your image. In Jesus Christ’s Name. Amen.
Thank you so much for reading

It’s now your turn

Please share with us in the comments section what you’ll be working on during Lent.
Also, kindly share on all your social media for your friends and loved ones, and subscribe so you won’t miss a post.
Thank you so much for reading
God bless you
Victoria Eyog


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